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Why work with us?


Our method

Play-based learning isn’t just more fun for the kids, it’s beneficial for the teachers too. We know that a boring lesson makes for a bored teacher and bored students. Small, interactive classes and a dynamic lesson plan with activities that truly stimulate and interest the students makes the teaching experience more pleasurable and, ultimately, more fun.

Ideas are welcome and valued

We know that our teachers are the backbone of this company. It’s the creative, enthusiastic, fun, empathetic, engaging, and curious teachers that make La Casita what it is. That’s why we are always receptive to their ideas and suggestions, encouraging free communication not just between teachers and their respective managers, but between teachers and the head office as well.


Minimal planning and maximum creativity

We also understand that the time spent outside of working hours is your free time, and for this reason provide almost all of the planning, and 100% of the materials. We do, however, ask that teachers contribute one idea a week to the lesson plan. We know that teachers are the ones working with the kids each day and we value their ideas, many of which end up in the main part of each week’s planning. That way, teachers can have a say in their lessons  without being bogged down by strict and detailed lesson plans or student reports, and at the beginning of each week teachers have a large pool of ideas to share and build on. 


La Casita isn’t just confined to our after school programme. Teachers can work with us in many different capacities and have a variety of workshops to choose from throughout the year. We have Mommy & Me and playgroups for the little ones, as well as Easter, summer and mini camps, storytime mornings, and much more! From our PJ party, which is like a movie-popcorn night for the kids and the teachers, to our Pumpkin Patch, where kids and teachers visit an organic pumpkin farm to pick and decorate pumpkins for Halloween, to our Easter Egg Hunt (a real live egg hunt in the woods!), we are constantly finding new and creative ways to maximise the methodology of La Casita de Inglés. 

La Casita Family

We understand that living abroad can be lonely, especially at the beginning when you’re struggling to find your social circle. La Casita is a sociable company because every time you teach, you’ll be doing so at one of our centers with at least 2 or 3 other young Casita teachers, as well as your manager. These are people you will see regularly and get to know over time. We also host social events so that teachers and managers from different centers can mingle and get to know each other. These include summer pool parties at our location in Pozuelo, as well as an annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, where the most extra sweater wins! What’s more, the flexibility and freedom teachers have to work at our many minicamps and events allows for even greater opportunities to meet other teachers.

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Opportunities for Personal and Career Growth

We are a young company and we want our employees to grow with us. We feel lucky to have a diverse group of teachers with a wide set of skills and interests, many of whom are still studying or just embarking on their professional careers. We look to our teachers’ specific talents and interests both inside and outside of the classroom and see how we can combine those to enrich La Casita while helping our teachers to develop professionally. 


 I started working at La Casita while I was studying filmmaking at the Instituto del Cine Madrid. I’d go to school in the mornings and teach in the afternoons. I quickly realised that I loved teaching at Casita, but I still wanted to pursue a career in the audiovisual sector. Towards the end of my first year with La Casita, Alex and Marina asked me if, when I finished my studies, I wanted to start making videos for La Casita (promocional videos, tutorials, etc.), in addition to teaching in the evenings. They’re really receptive to my suggestions with regards to videos and I have a lot of room to be creative. They’ve even provided editing and lighting courses. Plus, I’m filming or editing so often that I’ve been pushed to quickly to learn and improve in both areas, something I really value and know will help me a lot in the future. Now, I have a job that combines my two passions, working with children and filmmaking, which isn’t bad for what I initially thought of as just a part time job to help fund my studies!

— Leila Gherabli, Teacher and Videographer


Apply Today!

Job Nature: 

  • Teaching children English in small interactive classes 

  • Materials and main lesson plans are provided. You must contribute one idea to the planning each week

  • You must arrive 15 minutes before your shift starts so you are ready to teach when the kids arrive 

Timetable and Salary: 

  • After School Programme: 

    • Monday - Friday, 17:30 - 19:30, €15/hour (net)

    • Saturday 11 - 13:00, €20/hour (net) 

  • Summer camp: Final week in June and all of July. €10/hour (net) 

    • (if you work the 5 weeks of summer camp from 9:00 - 16:00 you will earn €1,750 in total) 

  • Please see our website or contact us for information about other camps and events. 



  • Native English speaker with a clear accent 

  • Relevant teaching experience or teaching qualifications preferred

  • Reliable, organised and able to commit to teaching on a long-term basis

  • Good class management skills

  • Able to develop & implement lesson plans

  • Cheerful, friendly, enthusiastic, patient, creative, love working with kids

  • Must be punctual and with sense of commitment and responsibility

  • EU Work permit 


If you think La Casita de Inglés is for you, please fill out this form 

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