Do you want to open a franchise of La Casita de Inglés?

A safe future for entrepreneurs. 

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, do you love children and believe that the best way to learn is by playing?  At La Casita de Ingles you will find your ideal business. 
The investment is between 70,000 and 110,00 euros. The difference in price depends on the state of the premises, which can vary between 20,000 and 60,000 euros. The entrance fee is 9,900 euros. The total investment to start the business, including materials for workshops, initial advertising, open house and training, is 15,000 euros. 
Obligations of the associate 
Entry fee: € 9,900 plus VAT (included in the investment)
Operating royalty: 10% of monthly invoicing
Advertising royalty: 2% of monthly invoicing
Requirements of the premises: Between 130 m2 and 150 m2
Location: Local street or chalet
Minimum façade: 5 linear meters
Staff: variable according to students with a maximum of 6 people

Duration of the contract: 5 years
This project is designed for people who like teaching, children and enjoy their work. We select people who want to work on a unique project based on having fun while learning. 
If you want to receive more information, fill in the following form and we will contact you. 

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