Our philosophy

What is La Casita de Inglés?

Since La Casita de Ingles started its first workshop, in 2002, a place where fun and learning English are inextricably linked was created. 
Children learn intuitively, without realizing it, while having fun playing in a calm and friendly environment. With the method of La Casita de Ingles they acquire vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in a natural way, in a comfortable and cheerful environment. 
The workshops are very small, so the attention received by each student is practically exclusive. Small groups are preferred because children have more opportunities to talk and participate. 
The native teachers take good care of the correct pronunciation and encourage the children to always use English in each activity, stimulating and maximizing the creativity of each one. 
We have extensive experience and great vocation. We work so that the child, besides speaking English, feels safe and not intimidated by their possible mistakes. 
One of our goals is that when they are adults, students remember La Casita de Ingles with affection, because it was an essential part in the time of their lives when they were learning English. 
We do crafts, theater, cooking, dancing and singing with educational videos, we follow the lyrics of songs related to what we are learning, we practice yoga, we paint, we play board games, storytelling, puppets and many other activities. 
The trajectory and experience of La Casita de Ingles has given the students, their parents and the teachers innumerable satisfactions. It has been seen how the participants were improving their comprehension, their expression and pronunciation, unfolding in fluent English and improving their grades in their schools. 
Many parents are aware of the need to take advantage of early childhood for their children to start learning English. This stage lasts a few years, and it is when the human mind absorbs more information. This is why children start at La Casita de Ingles beginning at 3 years old. 
The greatest pride of La Casita de Ingles is their good reputation and the references that the students and parents provide. 

El método tradicional de enseñanza acaba con la creatividad:

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