Our philosophy “Play-based Learning” is that children learn English by playing and in a natural way.
At La Casita, all of the activities are in English with native speaking teachers. We do all kinds of games, crafts, puppets, basic cooking (cookies, muffins, pizza…), theater, video clips, letters, dramatic play, we practice yoga, we listen to music while we dance and sing. We stimulate their creativity so that children learn while having fun. 
We encourage them to speak as all communication with the teachers is done in English. 
We will have the 4 native teachers for the 4 groups and the manager of each Casita will also be there coordinating and helping at all times. 
As in previous years, there will be games of all kinds for indoor and outdoor, including water games with balloon wars. 
The ages are for boys and girls from 3 (potty trained) to 12 years old.
We want to maintain the personalized and not overcrowded quality that has made us so appreciated among parents. We try to achieve, and from our experience we know that we do, that each child feels important and satisfied with him/herself with the attention and affection they receive and proud of what they learn while having fun. 
This is why we have set up the September to Remember Camp program for up to 40 children in 4 mixed groups of 10 children, grouped according to their ages. 
The dates will be the following:

Monday, September 2
Tuesday, September 3
Wednesday, September 4
Thursday, September 5
Friday, September 6
You can reserve per day or the whole camp. 
The schedule will be from 9:00am to 1:00pm without food, or until 4:00pm with food. Extensible from 8:00am. 
We offer breakfast at 10:30/11:00am (fruit, yogurt, cheese...) and lunch ay 1:00pm with two courses and dessert. The food is a very healthy, rich and varied catering that our children love. We also adapt to allergies.
We have air conditioning in all of our rooms (and a garden with a pool and lifeguard in Pozuelo). 
The little ones can nap after eating.
Imagination in children is as powerful as reality, a quality that only great artists and creators preserve as adults. 
At La Casita de Ingles we expand the imagination of our children with games and adventures that open their mind making English a part of their imaginary world, while stimulating their creative intelligence.

- Aprenden jugando

- Todo tipo de juegos, manualidades, yoga, baile, teatro,...

- Profesores nativos

- Edades: 3- 12 años

- Campamentos en todos nuestros centros

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Disponible en nuestros siguientes centros:


Paseo de Fuente Lucha, 20 

Alcobendas - 28100 

Email: alcobendas@lacasitadeingles.com

M  633 205 216  /    M  696 211 331


Calle Fernández de la Hoz, 80

Madrid - 28003

Email: chamberi@lacasitadeingles.com

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Calle del Monasterio de Oseira, 9 

Madrid - 28049 

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Barrio Salamanca

Calle Padilla 88

Madrid - 28006

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686 747 537 / 910 589 590 



Avenida de Chile, 2A

Getafe - 28907

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Pozuelo de Alarcón


Calle Ámbar, 9

Pozuelo de Alarcón - 28224 

Email: pozuelo@lacasitadeingles.com

699 936 373

Boadilla del Monte

Calle Isabel de Farnesio, 27

Boadilla del Monte- 28660

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Calle del Puerto de los Leones, 1

Majadahonda - 28220

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Calle Padre Dominicos, 34

Madrid​ - 28050

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Sant Cugat 

Avelina Casadevall 2

Sant Cugat del Valles - 08174

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666 707 798